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Jarrell Opera Receives US Premiere

Jarrell and Clementi. Photo: Andi Olsen Jarrell and Clementi.
Photo: Andi Olsen

One of the oldest stories left to humanity, yet it still can withstand and even thrive in new adaptations...

On Thursday and Friday, Swiss composer Michael Jarrell opera Cassandra will be given its US Premiere at Bohemian National Hall in New York City (details below). Based on the 1984 novel by Christa Wolf, the monodrama deals with the fallout of the Trojan war for King Priam's prescient daughter. Actress Anna Clementi is joined by an 18-member ensemble and bolstered by electronic music and the work of Czech video artist Dalibor Pys. 

For those subtitle weary among you, there's good news: the work will be given in English (However, our teaser video below is in French!).


Dmitri Tymoczko - Crackpot Hymnal (CD Review)

crackpot hymnal

Dmitri Tymoczko

Crackpot Hymnal

Bridge Records CD


In recent decades, there’s been a move in some American academic circles to put more separation between the disciplines of music composition and music theory. It seems especially curious to those of us who have, to greater or lesser degrees, modeled our careers and aesthetics on our forebears, adopting the “composer-theorist” approach (some of us even adopt the “composer-performer-theorist” tag, but that’s another story for another day). Happily, academics like Dmitri Tymoczko thrive, pointing out that a hyphenated or, more properly, interdisciplinary existence is still amply possible without compromising one’s standing in either or ...

RIP Lou Reed (1942-2013)


“One chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.” - Lou Reed

Much of my music passes the above "into jazz" marker. That said, Lou Reed taught me a great deal about productivity, creativity, and the maxim that "sometimes, less is more."

Sad tonight for Laurie Anderson, and for us, who are deprived of more "more with less."


In One Week: Recital in Princeton

Christian Carey recital postcard

Emerged: A Recital of Compositions by Christian Carey

Christian Carey headshot

Saturday, September 28th at 2 PM

Prince of Peace Church,

Princeton Junction, NJ

Free Event

Performed by:

Righteous Girls

(Gina Izzo, flute; Erika Dohi, piano)


(Jeffrey Gavett, baritone, Carlos Cordeiro, bass clarinet,

Andy Kozar, trumpet, Will Lang, trombone)

Peter Jarvis, drum set

Sara Noble, soprano

Megan Ihnen, mezzo soprano

Carl Patrick Bolleia, piano

Zheng Yuan, viola

Natalie Spehar, cello


Prayer  (2011)    loadbang

3 Bagatelles (2006)    Righteous Girls

“He Wishes for the

Cloths of Heaven” (2009)   Megan Ihnen and Zheng Yuan

3 Flourishes (2008)          ...

SubCulture Opens Its Doors

SubCulture, the new subterranean performance space on the corner of Bleecker and Lafayette, officially opened it's doors Monday night with an invite-only concert that showcased its eclectic booking policy, ranging from jazz, to classical, to rock. While the comparisons to another liquor-shilling, cross-genre club on Bleecker Street are inevitable, SubCulture - which we profiled last week - seeks to separate itself from places like LPR by replacing the cocktail tables with rows of theatrical seating, placing the focus squarely on the musicians. And, while owner brothers Steve and Marc Kaplan have invested heavily in state-of-the-art sound and light systems, the room - which seats less than 200 - is intimate enough to allow for unamplified ...

Field Report: PARMA Recordings Sessions

This summer was a busy and fun one for PARMA's production teams, even more so than normal for us.  I was in Russia and the Czech Republic for 4 weeks early in the summer working on orchestral projects, and simultaneously our domestic team was working here in New England recording chamber works... all while planning out the Festival, working on new products, keeping the release schedule in

Mostly Mozart: ICE Performs David Lang's "the whisper opera"

ICE, the whisper opera

I couldn't imagine a sharper contrast to Monday's turbulent, often violent performance of George Benjamin's Written on Skin than Tuesday's performance of David Lang's the whisper opera at the Mostly Mozart Festival.

The performance was by ICE, who also gave the world premiere in Chicago earlier this year. It was set in the intimate - miniscule is more like it - Clark Studio Theater, which only held a total of 48 people. Part of the room's small capacity was due to director Jim Findlay's unusual staging, which had the audience seated in nonconsecutive rows cut into the stage so that all you could see were people's heads and shoulders. The instrumentalists - Claire Chase, flutes; Kivie Cahn-Lipman, cello; Josh ...

repertoire fridays: Frank Bridge “Three Songs for Mezzo-Soprano, Viola, and Piano” (1907)

English composer Frank Bridge (1879 — 1941) “Three Songs for Mezzo-Soprano, Viola, and Piano” (1907)

Performed by American mezzo-soprano Rebecca Ringle, Luke Fleming, viola, and Roger Steptoe, piano

I. Far, far from each other
Matthew Arnold (1822 — 1888)

Far, far from each other our spirits have flown,
And what heart knows another? Ah! Who knows his own?
Blow, ye winds! Lift me with you! I come to the wild.

Fold closely, O nature! Thine arms round thy child.
Ah, calm me! Restore me and dry up my tears.
On thy high mountain platforms, where morn first appears.

II. Where is it that our soul doth go?
Heinrich Heine (1797 — 1856), trans. K. F. Kroeker

One thing I’d know,
When we have perished,

9/28: Composition Recital in Princeton

Emerged: A Recital of Compositions by Christian Carey Saturday, September 28th at 2 PM Prince of Peace Church, Princeton Junction, NJ Free event (Directions here)   Performed by:   Righteous Girls (Gina Izzo, flute; Erika Dohi, piano) loadbang (Jeffrey Gavett, … Continue reading

Time to move beyond 7.30? Concert start times around the world

Time to move beyond 7.30? Concert start times around the world:

[Bachtrack] This article has proved popular, being featured in ArtsJournal and getting tweeted, joy of joys, by Ed Vaizey. It’s about concert start times. A lot of concerts start at 7.30.