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Mark Adamo’s Uncertain “Gospel of Mary Magdalene” in San Francisco

The San Francisco Opera’s world premiere production of Mark Adamo’s The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene, which I saw on Saturday June 22, 2013, is the source of inspiration for a wave of ancillary events around the San Francisco Bay Area. In the 60 or so years since the discovery of the Gnostic Gospels, the role [...]

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Vivid Staging of Gerald Barry’s The Importance of Being Earnest at ROH

Irish-born composer Gerald Barry’s opera The Importance of Being Earnest, A Trivial Comedy for Serious People has been brought to supernaturally vivid life in a sold-out UK stage première, directed by Ramin Gray and performed at the London Royal Opera House’s Linbury Studio Theatre from 14-22 June 2013. Paring down the play’s daintily disguised satire by [...]

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Energy is Eternal Delight: A Tribute to Steve Martland

This was not so much a remembrance of the late Steve Martland, but a celebration of his work, his dedication and his outlook. An exceptionally prolific composer, he was perhaps most widely known in the mainstream for his writing with the BBC and with Warwickshire rock outfit Spiritualized. Just under the radar however, he was [...]

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So Percussion: Dan Trueman’s neither Anvil nor Pulley on Cantaloupe

Dan Trueman‘s neither Anvil nor Pulley (“nAnP”) opens with the old-fashioned crackle of a vinyl record. The LP’s steady spin releases a plaintive violin melody – a recording of Trueman himself, playing a Norwegian Hardanger fiddle. With Trueman’s tunes as a foundation, other sonic layers begin to creep into the ear. Joyous melodies float from [...]

5 questions to Sean Hickey (composer)

On May 28, 2013, Delos released Sean Hickey’s first album on the “Great American Label,” Concertos, featuring conductor Vladimir Lande, cellist Dmitry Kouzov and clarinetist  Alexander Fiterstein. We asked Hickey 5 questions… What does it take, in 2013, to record two concertos? Plainly, it takes money and some flexibility. Unless one has a lot of the [...]

Big Farm’s Self-Titled Debut on New Amsterdam Records

The temptation to over-intellectualize Big Farm’s self-titled debut is hard to resist.—which isn’t to say that it’s not an intellectual record. They clearly want you to think, and the album ranges far and wide over some esoteric musical landscapes. But while you’d expect a dense, nigh-impenetrable album from four luminaries of new music, the glory [...]

5 questions to Alan Pierson (conductor, artistic director)

Alan Pierson is the conductor and artistic director of both the Brooklyn Philharmonic and Alarm Will Sound.  The Brooklyn Phil’s headline concert on June 8 [sold out] and 9 at BAM, entitled “You’re Causing Quite a Disturbance,” will feature an original collaboration between Erykah Badu and composer Ted Hearne, inspired by Erykah’s album, New Amerykah Part One: 4th ...

This week: concerts in New York (June 3 – June 9, 2013)

Guy Barash Composer Guy Barash brings his new works to Turtle Bay Music School for a free concert as an Exploring the Metropolis Con Edison Composer-in-Residence. In addition to the world premiere of his first string quartet and a piece for piano and electronics, Barash will present excerpts from his evolving opera Alice Invents a [...]

Corpus from Daniel Wohl’s Corps Exquis

As a prelude to Daniel Wohl’s CD release concert on Tuesday, June 4 at Roulette, here is the video for “Corpus,” taken from “Corps Exquis,” Wohl’s New Amsterdam Records release. Asked about this video, Wohl commented: The video for Corpus was created by Satan’s Pearl Horses – a New York / Tokyo based collective that [...]

Instruments Unbound: Soloists with Electronics, Found Sounds, and Video [Slideshow]

On Saturday, May 25, Instruments Unbound: Soloists with Electronics, Found Sounds, and Video, a multimedia concert curated by Jennifer Stock, took place at the 92Y Tribeca. Four eclectic sets by Florent Ghys, Lesley Flanigan, Angélica Negrón, and Jennifer Stock herself showcased very different approaches to live processing and video art/projections. Visit Jennifer Stock | http://www. ...