Secure compound floor: super wear-resisting flooring patent

Many consumers in aggrandizement floor of choose and buy when very pay attention to the brand. Because the brand represents the product quality, company reputation, etc. The laminate flooring what brand? Aggrandizement floor with what brand is good? Buy aggrandizement floor is comfortable floor chosen brand. Secure compound floor: super wear-resisting flooring patent What brand of laminate flooring? Aggrandizement floor with what brand is good? "A lot of brand floor all say oneself is wooden floor wear-resisting, in fact, peace of mind is obtained the country admits the ultra wear-resisting floor patent technology and therefore protected by the national wood floor wear-resisting, really comfortable floor is qualified for your family as I ...

Vendor relationships as "fish and water"

Companies need to do a harmonious relationship

Constitute market channels in the floor, is the relationship between manufacturers and distributors of fish and water, floor auto manufacturers determine the performance of sales, and manufacturers of the master plan will determine the survival of the dealer. How floor bigger and stronger, coordination is an essential part of vendor relationships. Floor channels and marketing model innovation any one industry chain has its own division, the completion of the development of a consensus on the basis of a clear division of labor.

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Flooring industry, the main value of the flooring manufacturers lies in "camp", the focus is on product development and branding, ...

Lead to higher value product innovation

Small and medium enterprises to find the right direction floor

For the current flooring industry, the reshuffle will lead to "grad" situation appears, therefore, whether business or flooring dealers are feeling the brutal competition in the market. Ideas determine, in the brutal competition, innovation has become the key to survival and development of enterprises around the board.

Bring higher value product innovation of small and medium enterprises to find the right direction floor

Grasp flooring product innovation value

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Continued weakness in the real estate market this year, to flooring market is not a small impact, because of the economic downturn, new flooring market demand, lack of ...

The floor enterprise marketing need to use micro letter

With micro letter slowly in the life of people, more and more people gradually have to leave the micro letter, and in this process, the floor enterprise marketing is also inseparable from the micro letter. For micro letter in flooring industry, and even whole household industry opened a "micro letter marketing major drama". Flooring industry as household building materials industry in the industry for the development of relatively early, also welcomed come under this period The new development. Micro letter marketing under the floor enterprise Since 2011, after the birth of micro letter has crossed 800 million to November 2014 users. In this three years, the enterprise has 6 million registered public, micro letter has become ...

Real wood floor of wood of from top to bottom

Now a lot of consumers in the wooden floor of choose and buy only when mind wide plate, narrow strip of points, and ignore the size of the wooden floor. What's the size standard of wooden floor? Below is the wooden floor size is introduced. Real wood floor of wood of from top to bottom are made by a kind of wood processing. Common materials include: oak wood, northeast China ash, oak, maple and cherry wood and so on, also has the rare and precious tree species such as rosewood, rosewood to drench lacquer floor. This kind of the size of the wooden floor is more, generally speaking, there are: 450 mm x 60 mm x 16 mm, 750 mm x 60 mm x 16 mm and 750 mm x 90 mm x 16 mm and 900 mm x 90 mm x 16 mm. Real wood is compound wooden floor is a few ...

Colored walls with light-colored floor

Recommended fresh colors bedroom decoration

The same minimalist style bedroom, with a different color as the main colors, give people a different feeling. But in laying the ground where the constant is light-colored wood floors, with its backdrop of the role, the entire space is more simple and clean lines, walls and more vivid colors. Let us enjoy 4 fresh colors bedroom decoration case.

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Colored walls with light-colored floor bedroom decoration fresh colors recommended (enjoy more floor renovation renderings)

Blue walls and light wood floors +

Bedside blue walls and blue sky outside the window integration, lifelike ...

No real wood compound floor maintenance then need

No real wood compound floor maintenance then need to wax, etc. Compound floor maintenance method is very simple. Although simple, but there are still a lot of people don't know how to compound wood floor maintenance? Compound wood floor maintenance should pay attention to? Can sweep exterior dirt with cleaner or broom at ordinary times, reoccupy soaked, twist dry come not to drip of water or mop wipe floor surface. Door window had better be opened after pulling the land, let airiness, blow the floor as soon as possible dry. Layer of wear-resisting of compound floor is like damage will make the moistureproof function of the floor and brightness affected, as a result, when walking in a composite floor, should try to wear cloth slippers, ...

Promotions are not conventional market catalyst

Flooring business marketing should also have a qualitative

Every festival, major flooring and other home business promotion is playing the most fiery battle, many marketers floor will be converted to a simple marketing strategy of promotional activities, but the effect from the moment it seems that such a "marketing campaign "to please the consumer and joy, therefore, for flooring and other home businesses, more importantly, how to conduct effective marketing.

Promotions are not conventional market catalyst flooring companies also need a qualitative marketing

Holiday promotion is not as much as the market catalyst abuse

Every holiday promotions, flooring stores businesses in order to compete for customers, anxious to keep up with ...

The floor enterprise development needs to return to nature

Flooring industry in China after nearly 30 years of development, is now restricted by a series of internal and external factors, the development situation gradually towards relaxation. With the continuous development of industry, the market competition is fierce, many companies have stepped onto the promotion, to attract more customers by low price, thus improve product sales. In fact, from the floor enterprise long-term development perspective, the promotion strategy Or have a certain degree of inhibition. Product promotion strategy widely popular with the floor enterprise With lower whole household building materials industry sales situation, the price of supermaket tide never disappear, but also more intense, the promotion of figure ...

Flooring business behind environmental cause

Beijing APEC meeting has ended. This period also gave birth to a hot word APEC blue, this short blue make people more aware of the importance of environmental protection, reflection in the end how to make "APEC blue" more lasting maintained. The flooring industry as the Chinese economy in a team, the environmental policy should also continue.

"APEC blue" should continue flooring companies behind environmental cause

The quality of the home environment and environmental protection should also affect the health of flooring products

People enjoy this short but beautiful sight when you also have to realize the importance of environmental protection, the reflection in the end how to make "APEC blue" more lasting maintained. Extends to the ...