5 Tips for Dating a Musician

Many complexities surround dating an artist, a celebrity or even an artist who is also a celebrity. It can be a lot to handle, a lot to deal with and so much to take in.

According to the opinions of users on UK.collected.reviews, dating a musician comes with many rules to follow to keep the person away from their artistry.

People on dating sites even hint at how hard it can be to date a musician. Many boundaries will need to go up especially when they are playing, recording or creating new music.

Some of the tips to keep in handy when dating a musician include:

1.      Understand Boundaries:

Dating a musician requires that you become knowledgeable in the boundary business. Set healthy boundaries that will benefit both of you in the long run. Avoid doing stuff that could jeopardize their performance as this will reflect poorly on them. Musicians are often too invested in their careers and to coexist peacefully and happily with them, you need to realize that some days will be days off for your relationship. These are usually days they pay attention to their craft. Creating a healthy boundary helps you realize that it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the nature of their work.

2.      Give them Space:

 Creating boundaries helps you give them the adequate amount of space they often require when they’re in their burrowing stage. This does not only benefit their craft but also benefits your relationship as it becomes constantly glaring that you understand the nature of their work and you try to work your way around it, creating healthy spaces when it’s needed and also being there for them when the need arises. There’s a clear difference between giving space and holding space for them.

3.      Be Supportive:

No support means so much to them like that of the people in their corner. When you’re dating a musician, try as much as possible to show them maximum support as they often tend to bank their hopes on these supports and it also affects how they could relate with others in public.

4.      Release any form of Jealousy or Neglect:

Do not always bank on the idea that you’re being neglected or not getting adequate attention. Although they have to make time out for both of you. Understand the demands of their work and how often it could keep them away. Musicians are public figures and they often bank on public support as well. Do not take their attitude towards work personally as it might affect the health of your relationship.

5.      Understand Them:

 Understanding them means you pay attention to all the details that entail who they are and what they do. You have to understand the nature of their work and work towards finding a favourable ground to meet them at.

Dating a musician could be a lot of hard work and most people shy away from it. But there are ways to cut corners and still build healthy relationships with them: