6 Facts about TXT’s ‘ACT: LOVE SICK’ Concert

TXT or Tomorrow X Together reports that they will hold a concert in Indonesia. Will hold a concert titled “ACT: LOVE SICK” in the next four months in Jakarta.

Here are interesting facts regarding the TXT Indonesia concert.

TXT will be holding a concert in October 2022

The TXT will be holding a concert in October 2022, at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition. Then, Tomorrow X Together made this announcement via the official Tomorrow X Together YouTube account and Big Hit Music’s official Twitter account or @bighit_music.

TXT’s second concert in Indonesia

This concert is TXT’s second concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. Previously, Tomorrow X Together had also held a concert in Indonesia in March 2019. Many Indonesian fans were enthusiastic about the announcement.

This concert is a World Tour Series

TXT will carry out a world tour entitled ‘ACT: LOVE SICK’. Then, other tour schedules are in Seoul, South Korea; North America; Manila; Taipei; and Bangkok, Thailand.

Can buy tickets on Instagram

TXT fans can get tickets for this TXT concert through the official Instagram account @applewood_official. Then, also offers varied prices, although we don’t know the details yet.

However, based on the price of concert tickets in the United States, TXT concerts were sold for US$297 to US$2,100, or around Rp. 4.4 million to Rp. 31 million.

Trending Twitter

The news about the existence of this tour surprised Indonesian MOAs to become a trending topic on Twitter. The interesting news about the concert also sparked the hashtags #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER and #TXTJAKARTA.

Comeback with Mini Album

TXT made a comeback with the mini-album “Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child”. So, this album presents 5 tracks about heartbreak and the first breakup.

The album is included in The Chos Chapter and will be related to the next series, namely The Dream Chapter. Then, the story of the album expresses a person’s transition from childhood to adulthood.