Acoustic Drum Kits

We provide a range of drum courses, both full time and part time, for drummers keen to improve their skills and knowledge and take their playing and performing to the next level. In store you will find military and pipe band snare drums, tenors and bass drums on permanent demo. Outdoor drumming is now back on the increase, with permanent installations of sets of drums appearing in parks and playgrounds, encouraging children to begin to grasp the concepts of rhythm and timbre. The challenge with outdoor drums permanently installed and subject to the vagaries of the world’s weather, is, of course, ensuring their longevity and integrity.

Some tube stations were already being used for shelter when in 1940 the government and London Transport started the excavation of additional deep-level tunnels as shelters from the bombs. It was thought that, after the war, these could be joined up to provide a new express tube parallel to the Northern Line, but this never happened. On 21 October 1942 Clapham South and Clapham North deep shelters were fitted out and made available to the public. From planning to opening took less than two years – most impressive considering they were dug by hand.

We use Google Analytics to monitor and analyse how users interact with our shop and to create analyses of website activity. No personal data is transmitted to Google in this process. The new handbooks are packed with all the material you need for each component of the exam and can be purchased from ouronline shop. Please note that candidates will be required to perform one piece from the handbook in their exam.

The shelters were divided into two decks that could accommodate 8,000 people in bunks. Access was primarily by stairs rather than lifts as studies showed that 8,000 people per hour could negotiate stairs whereas lifts could only carry 1,000 in the same period. The design incorporated shafts of reinforced concrete with steel reinforced pillboxes (the ‘Drums’), designed to prevent flooding from any shattered drains above. Each shelter consisted of a pair of parallel tunnels 16 feet 6 inches in diameter and 1,200 feet long.

ICMP’s music performance summer school provides the opportunity to learn, create and play with like-minded music lovers, through live performance and inspirational teaching in our fantastic London facilities. With the growth and popularity of outdoor instruments in the last few years, new and exciting designs are appearing. The Cajon originally from Peru, played by slapping the front and side is now reproduced in stainless steel and permanently installed street scenes and playgrounds. The stainless steel tongue is also appearing in more outdoor locations.

This is done by combining modern technologies and hand-finishing techniques. Probably the best combination in the construction of the outdoor drum is a PVC shell and an ABS head. Outdoor drums are nowadays permanently installed often with a concrete base ensuring that they are not vandalized or easily removed. They can be installed individually or in groups of different sizes.

Different size bass pitch drums allow drumline players to play a melody. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first drum kit, an intermediate ready to step up, or a professional looking for a new shell pack we’re sure to have the one for you. Wembley Music Centre began life as Wembley Drum Centre and the drum department is still the beating heart of our business. If you play in an ensemble or orchestra, our assortment of percussion instruments will have you covered.

Don’t miss the latest news, exclusive content and special offers. A partnership between between Ludwig and and the legendary Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson was always going to produce something special. The Ludwig Breakbeats kit is a leader in the world of travel drum k… With Mapex Hybrid Shell Technology the Mapex Armory 22″ Rock 6 Piece Shell Pack – Ocean Sunset packs power and tonal depth in one great looking package. The Armory range from American drum makers Map… This cookie stores user-like settings for the chat system provider, which are required for our online chat service.

For anything drum related, Wembley Music Centre should be your first port of call. LCME has long prided itself on a well-rounded, exciting and flexible approach to drum kit exams and the 2022 syllabus does not disappoint. Kick-start your career as a professional drummer with this comprehensive one-year course.

Todays working need a kit that can do it all and do it well. The newly designed 2016 Gretsch Renown is one of the most versatile drum sets ever made. Gretsch drums are part of the larger Gretsch company line of musical instruments which has been synonymous with quality since it’s inception in 1883.