Benefits of Music in Everyday Life

Music is a symphony of life, a part of art that colors people’s daily lives on earth. A world without music is lonely or feels empty and monotonous because music can create an atmosphere, relax the heart, and stimulate the human mind as an actor of life stories. Music only gives the impression of entertainment but can provide meaning to arouse passion and enthusiasm for life to empower and give meaning to our lives. Listening to music, enjoying and enjoying it is a fun activity and can make us comfortable. This can cause effects that medically and psychologically can give a positive reaction to the physical and psychological condition of humans. There are several benefits of music related to our daily lives and used as therapy.
First is music which can be useful for maintaining the health and wellness of our bodies because it turns out that music is therapeutic and healing. A better metabolism will result in the body being able to build a better system. With a better immune system, the body becomes tougher against the possibility of disease attacks.
Both ways music can increase intelligence because rhythmic stimulation can improve the functioning of our brains. The internal rhythm produced by music makes the nerves of the brain work, the feeling of comfort and calm that is stimulated by music makes the brain function work optimally. If this is done, our brain function will be more excellent, so that our ability to think is clearer and sharper, and can prevent senility. We need to know that our intelligence and intelligence are intelligent and creative, language, music, technology, self-introduction, socialization, and personality development.
Second, music that can cause psychological reactions that can change our moods and emotional conditions, so that music is useful as relaxation that can relieve stress, overcome problems, improve mood, and foster spiritual awareness. Rhythmic stimulation produced by music can relax the mind and generate positive, calm, comfortable, and optimistic feelings and even happiness. Therefore music has a positive impact on everyday life.