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Chinese artist Nut Brother fights pollution with rock music


On a remote dirt road in northwest China’s Qinghai Plateau, a four-piece band dressed in hazmat suits and gas masks launches into a thrash metal number about the dangers of burning trash.

“A person’s life is but a single breath, a breath laced with garbage,” the singer death-growls through his mask in videos of the performance.

The unusual concert is part of a countrywide series conceived of and led by the Chinese artist known as Nut Brother, who stands in front of the band dressed in camouflage, gently nodding his head to the distorted eight-string guitars.

China’s summer floods and heat waves fuel plans for a changing climate

In recent years, the 41-year-old, who prefers not to reveal his real name to avoid additional scrutiny from authorities and online critics, has developed a knack for highlighting overlooked environmental and social issues in China using quirky,

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7 Advantages of Zoom Piano Lessons

7 Advantages of Zoom Piano Lessons


There are two pianos available.

One of the most major advantages of taking online piano lessons is the availability of two pianos. Due to the fact that both the instructor and the student have their own instrument, it is much simpler to explain, gives a more visual learning experience, and the class frequently goes more smoothly.

It is not necessary to travel.

The use of Zoom piano lessons eliminates the need to go. Many students who attend lessons after work have to contend with rush hour traffic, wasting a significant amount of time as a consequence. As a result, they are often agitated.

One of the advantages of online piano lessons is that students may avoid traffic delays and spend more time preparing for class while sipping a cup of tea!

Due to the short travel time, students may warm up for the

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The earliest blues music was primarily call and response vocal music, without concord or accompaniment and with none formal musical construction. Slaves and their descendants created the blues by adapting the field shouts and hollers, turning them into passionate solo songs. When mixed with the Christian spiritual songs of African American church buildings and revival conferences, blues grew to become the basis of gospel music.

Music intertwines with features of American social and cultural identity, including through social class, race and ethnicity, geography, faith, language, gender, and sexuality. The relationship between music and race is perhaps the most potent determiner of musical meaning within the United States. The growth of an African American musical identity, out of disparate sources from Africa and Europe, has been a constant theme in the music history of the United States.

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Scott-Heron’s Proto-rap work, including “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” and Winter in America , has had a considerable impression on later hip hop artists, whereas his distinctive sound with Brian Jackson influenced neo soul artists. Soul music is a mix of rhythm and blues and gospel which began within the late Fifties in the United States. It is characterised by its use of gospel-music gadgets, with a greater emphasis on vocalists and the usage of secular themes. The Nineteen Fifties recordings of Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, and James Brown are commonly thought-about the beginnings of soul.

The social and political ferment of the 1960s impressed artists like Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield to launch albums with exhausting-hitting social commentary, while one other variety became more dance-oriented music, evolving into funk. Despite his earlier affinity with politically and socially-charged lyrical themes, Gaye helped popularize sexual and romance-themed music and funk, … Read More

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In the early Sixties, rock spawned a number of subgenres, starting with surf. Surf was an instrumental guitar style characterised by a distorted sound, associated with the Southern California browsing youth culture. Inspired by the lyrical focus of surf, The Beach Boys started recording in 1961 with an elaborate, pop-friendly, and harmonic sound.

Under American copyright regulation, musical works, including recordings and compositions, are protected as intellectual property as quickly as they’re fastened in a tangible kind. Copyright holders often register their work with the Library of Congress, which maintains a set of the fabric. In addition, the Library of Congress has actively sought out culturally and musicologically important materials for the reason that early 20th century, corresponding to by sending researchers to record folk music. These researchers include the pioneering American people music collector Alan Lomax, whose work helped encourage the roots revival of the mid-20th century. Punk was … Read More

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Indian classical music is among the oldest musical traditions on the planet. The Indus Valley civilization has sculptures that show dance and old musical devices, just like the seven holed flute. Various forms of stringed instruments and drums have been recovered from Harappa and Mohenjo Daro by excavations carried out by Sir Mortimer Wheeler. The Rigveda has elements of current Indian music, with a musical notation to denote the metre and the mode of chanting. Indian classical music (marga) is monophonic, and primarily based on a single melody line or raga rhythmically organized by way of talas.

Silappadhikaram by Ilango Adigal provides details about how new scales could be fashioned by modal shifting of the tonic from an present scale. Present day Hindi music was influenced by Persian conventional music and Afghan Mughals. Carnatic music, well-liked in the southern states, is basically devotional; the majority of the songs are addressed … Read More

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Music interested them in phrases extrinsic to itself, in its observable effects; in its connections with dance, non secular ritual, or festive rites; due to its alliance with words; or for some other extramusical consideration. The only common denominator to be discovered, apart from the recognition of different types of music, is the acknowledgment of its reference to the emotional life, and here, to make sure, is that problematic power of the art to move. Various extramusical preoccupations are the raison d’être of “contextualist” explanations of music, that are concerned with its relation to the human setting. The historical past of music itself is essentially an account of its adjunctive function in rituals and ceremonies of all kinds—religious, navy, courtly—and in musical theatre. There is a number of music classifications for non-Western music, many of which are caught up in the argument over the definition of music.

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The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of music range according to culture and social context. Indeed, throughout history, some new varieties or styles of music have been criticized as “not being music”, including Beethoven’s Grosse Fuge string quartet in 1825, early jazz at first of the 1900s and hardcore punk within the 1980s. There are many forms of music, including popular music, conventional music, art music, music written for spiritual ceremonies and work songs corresponding to chanteys. Music ranges from strictly organized compositions—such as Classical music symphonies from the 1700s and 1800s—by way of to spontaneously performed improvisational music similar to jazz, and avant-garde kinds of probability-based contemporary music from the 20th and 21st centuries.

By the end of the Nineteen Forties, nevertheless, pure blues was solely a minor a part of popular music, having been subsumed by offshoots like rhythm & blues and the nascent rock and … Read More


Along with the guitar or keyboards, saxophone and blues-type harmonica are used as soloing devices. In its “purest type”, it “has three chords, a robust, insistent back beat, and a catchy melody”.[This quote wants a quotation] The traditional rhythm section for in style music is rhythm guitar, electric bass guitar, drums.

Rock music is a style of popular music that developed within the Sixties from Nineteen Fifties rock and roll, rockabilly, blues, and country music. The sound of rock often revolves across the electric guitar or acoustic guitar, and it makes use of a powerful back beat laid down by a rhythm part.

It additionally meant that people might hear music from different components of the country, or even totally different parts of the world, even if they may not afford to journey to these areas. Romantic music (c. 1810 to 1900) from the 19th century had many components in … Read More

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Little documentation exists of colonial-period African American music, when kinds, songs, and devices from throughout West Africa commingled with European styles and devices in the melting pot of slavery. By the mid-nineteenth century, a distinctly African American people custom was well-identified and widespread, and African American musical methods, instruments, and images grew to become a part of mainstream American music by way of spirituals, minstrel exhibits, and slave songs. In contrast, country music derives from each African and European, as well as Native American and Hawaiian, traditions and has lengthy been perceived as a form of white music. The blues is a style of African American folk music that’s the foundation for a lot of modern American well-liked music.

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Asian music covers an enormous swath of music cultures surveyed within the articles on [Arabic music|Arabia]], Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Where a piece can’t readily be … Read More