Characters and Personalities Based on Musical Genres

Characters and personalities based on musical genres

  1. Jazz fans
    Jazz is a type of music that is well known everywhere, including in Indonesia. Jazz can also be grouped into a genre of music that originated in the United States in the early 20th century. In general, the characteristic of jazz music is that it uses special jazz instruments that are usually used such as trumpet, piano, bass, saxophone, guitar, drums, and violin. Jazz lovers are also conscientious, want everything to look perfect including their appearance, and always look fresh. The ideas are unique and creative. He was also calm. He is also affectionate, romantic, open, likes new things, has high self-esteem, and tends to be calm like jazz music which is usually calm and gentle.
  2. Lovers of Classical Music Genre
    In general, classical music is a type of music that is produced in a very broad range of arts and usually leads to Western, secular, Christian music, and orchestral music. The general definition of classical music is a type of music that is born and made from many types of music. Also, music which has a worldwide character has been researched and tested for its benefits for the development of the human brain. Starting from increasing IQ, improving human memory, responding more quickly and responsively, improving the performance of the right brain, being able to increase one’s ability to pay attention to visuals, reducing the risk of not being able to sleep, reducing the risk of mental disorders or stress, can help in the process of pregnancy relaxation, can relieve pain after surgery can even help reduce excess blood pressure.
  3. Pop Music Genre Lovers
    Perhaps the pop music genre is one of the most acceptable types of music for all people. Because this type of music is the most popular in the community. Pop music itself is music that is easy listening that can be heard without requiring much or more special attention. Pop music is often associated with popular notes and expressions of everyday feelings such as jealousy, love, loss, and so on.