Drum Parts and Their Functions

Drum Parts and Their Functions

Who is not familiar with the address of drum music, this instrument is already familiar to music lovers because every genre is equipped with a musical instrument that is played by hitting it.

As is known, this drum instrument is very vital, because the function of the drum itself is not only to beautify the music, namely to adjust the tempo in a song.

Well, if we look at the drums, it will certainly be different because the drummer will usually set a comfortable position for the drummer, this can be called a drum set.

Drum Parts and Their Functions with Complete Pictures

Bass Drum

As the name implies, the bass drum, this part is a very important part in a drum set. Basically the function of the bass drum is to adjust the tempo or set the beat in a song.

There are so many sizes of bass drums that are often used today, ranging from sizes 24″, 22″, 20″, 18″ and 14″, the sound also has various types and this is usually adjusted to the type of music to be played.

Usually the bass drum is played with the right foot by relying on the drum pedal, in a drum set there are also two bass drums that rely on a double pedal. This can be adjusted according to the type of music to be played.

Snare Drum

Drum Parts and Their Functions with Complete Pictures

Snare usually has a size of 10 “to 15”, as is known snare has the same function, namely to adjust the beat in a music. the location of the snare is usually closest to the drummer and is usually in the middle, the snare itself sounds loud.


In a drum set usually has more than one tom with different sounds, this is indeed based on the function of the toms to vary the stroke in a song.

Tom himself has 3 types, namely small tom 1, small tom 2, and floor tom. Besides that, Tom himself has many sizes, namely 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 13″, 14″, 15″, 16″, 18″ and 20″. You can visit this site if you are looking for information about recreation saklikentgorge

Hi-Hat Cymbals

Hi-Hat Cymbals are two cymbals that are combined into one and become the perfect unit for setting the tempo in a drumming game.

This Hi-Hat Cymbal, also regulate whether it is hit openly or closed, it is arranged by stepping on it with the left foot.

There are many Hi-Hat Cymbal sizes, namely 10″, 13″ 14″, and 15″.

Ride Cymbals

Ride cymbals are usually located to the right of the drummer and serve to set the tempo in drumming. In a drum set, there is usually only one cymbal but can add it as needed. There are many sizes of ride cymbals ranging from 18″ to 26″.

Crash Cymbals

Crash cymbals that located at the top of a drum set because of their function that is not often hit, crash cymbals are only hit at certain times and can color beautiful drum strokes. The size of this crash cymbal varies from 15″ to 22″.

Splash Cymbals

It’s the same as crash cymbals that are hit at certain times, but this splash cymbal has a relatively small size so that it produces a distinctive sound and this can create a beautiful and unique sound color.

The sizes of the splash cymbals are usually 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″.

Chinese Cymbals

In general, the main function of the Chinese Symba is the same as the others, but the Chinese cymbal has a quite unique shape, which is like an inverted cymbal.

The Chinese cymbal itself that create because of the influence of Chinese music, the size of this cymbal is 8″ to 20″.