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We can change their mindsets and help shape them so they can be successful. We are under pressure to create a learning environment for the millennial generation. Students undertake two level 7 (Master’s-level) modules of 30 credits each, totalling 60 credits.

The development of relevant employability skills is at the core of the BSc Hons Business Studies with Education degree and a variety of opportunities exist within the programme and its modules, to develop such skills. These skills include, for example, Creative Thinking, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Business start-up, Problem Solving and Interpersonal skills. With over 40 years’ of design excellence, we’ve collaborated with teachers, students and IT specialists to support the best learning experiences through technology. We know it is vital for teachers to have intuitive tools that make lessons seamless, and for students to have the right solutions so they can confidently collaborate, engage and interact.

Reimagining Business Education: Insights and Actions from the Business Education Jam Hardcover

The Secondary PGCE full-time programme is suited to those wishing to gain Qualified Teaching Status for teaching in a UK maintained (state-funded) school and who have fulfilled the appropriate entry requirements. If you are made an offer you will be required to successfully complete Occupational Health and Disclosure Barring Service Enhanced Disclosure checks. The Occupational Health Check is £77, and depending on your DBS requirements, there may be an additional fee of £12.75 if you can submit your DBS Enhanced Disclosure check via a UK Post Office. These checks are required to ensure you meet the Department for Education’s requirements for physical and mental health to teach, as well as assessing your suitability for access to children and vulnerable adults. Year 10 students at Penistone Grammar School had the opportunity to learn about the range of businesses and jobs available in Barnsley at our careers speed networking event in July.

  • It is a key facilitator in support global and cultural awareness and creating graduates who are ready to embrace international career opportunities more effectively.
  • You will also be offered opportunities to opt for paid internships, and placements both locally and globally.
  • In addition to the specific entry conditions for this course you must also meet the University’s General Entrance Requirements.
  • The requirements of any professional, regulatory, statutory and accrediting bodies.
  • A new study from the Independent Association of Prep Schools reveals pupils feel more awake, energetic, and active after an art session.

The business major develops your business skills, including; marketing, finance, leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Studying Business in combination with Education is an excellent introduction to a future career in the general education sector. PGCE Business Education has been designed to train teachers to practise as a subject specialist teacher of year olds. You are assessed against the standards for Qualified Teacher Status across this age range.

We aim to provide clear, accurate and timely information to prospective and current students. We continuously review and enhance course content in consultation with our students and the information provided on our website is the latest available. If you have received an offer from us to start a course, we will communicate any important changes to you in writing. We will always seek to ensure that our prospective students are fully aware of the basis on which they are accepting an offer. Just like businesses, educational institutions have had to adapt in order to comply with lockdown restrictions, while maintaining a quality service. Although this has been challenging, Covid-19 has created opportunities for digital innovations within Business Schools and wider education.

‘Reimagining Business Education’ discusses the rationale for, and design of, the first Business Education Jam. It reviews key challenges facing business education and articulates a vision for how the role and delivery of business education could be reimagined. This book is critically important during a time when business schools, as an industry, struggle to identify the innovations necessary to meet the needs of a changing world. This book takes this collaborative effort a step further to break down traditional models and structures as we seek to reimagine the future of business education in a more open and connected world. This degree gives you the opportunity of choosing a pathway to suit your own personal interests and career aspirations.

Innovating for success in business education

People look at social issues as problems, but people should see them as solutions. This means they were creating value through jobs, and therefore creating income. I think technology is key and Schools are using it to gain connections around the world, to provide a leaning environment, create alliances, and persuade prospective MBAs and faculty to come to their School. I think the content of the MBA is evolving as there are more soft skills, which are fundamental to getting a good job, managing companies, reading changes in the environment, making fast decisions, and adapting to change. Innovation is important but sometimes innovation is confused with change. Organisations change and say they are innovative because they changed – but then go bankrupt.

With this degree you could become:

The class of Honours awarded in Bachelor’s degrees is usually determined by calculation of an aggregate mark based on performance across the modules at Levels 5 and 6 (which correspond to the second and third year of full-time attendance). Courses comprise modules for which the notional effort involved is indicated by its credit rating. Undergraduate courses typically contain 10- or 20-credit modules and postgraduate course typically 15- or 30-credit modules. We are a Community Interest Company, led by two female Directors who would have benefitted from having the opportunity to meet inspirational volunteers when they were at school!

Our PGDE in Business Education course will prepare you for a bright career educating tomorrow’s accountants, lawyers, business analysts, social media experts and marketing professionals. If the University discontinues any courses, it will use its best endeavours to provide a suitable alternative course. You may also meet the course entry requirements with combinations of different qualifications to the same standard as recognised by the University.