Electric Basses

We make sure to have a large selection of left handed bass guitars in stock at a wide range of price points, so all kinds of players across all levels of ability have something for them. Don’t be intimidated by the sheer range of electric bass guitars on offer. You’ll be able to pick out the right body shape, the right scale-length, paint-job, and sound, whether it’s a collector’s item or an affordable beginner’s bass. With the Fender Precision Bass as the nucleus, a large variety of electric bass models developed within a very short period of time and their evolution continues today. In 1960, Fender introduced the Fender Jazz Bass to the market, which became the absolute top seller with its optimized playing characteristics and versatile bass sound.

Fender’s Player Precision Bass LH PF is the left-handed version of the bass guitar from the Player series. It’s good looking, great sounding, comfortable to play and offers great value for money. This left-handed bass guitar feaures a single split-coil pickup and white pickguard.

The latest report from ICES shows that bass stocks are beginning to show signs of recovery, with fishing effort now much lower and stocks are now beggining to increase . The best method of capture for this species is handline , as it is selective and has little impact on other species. Want to start and are looking for an inexpensive bass to learn the bass or you interested in investing in a premium instrument? We have everything in every price class, starting with our least expensive basses from Jack & Danny to premium basses crafted by hand in the Czech Republic.

This entry-level priced Classic Series model comes finished in a vintage dark red and mounted with a 3-ply, red pearloid pickguard. We stock a vast variety of bass guitars at Rich Tone Music, from classics such as Precision and Jazz Fender Bass Guitars or Gibson Thunderbirds, to newer, sleek looking Ibanez Bass Guitars and even Acoustic Bass Guitars. This lefty P-style bass guitar has a split single-coil pickup and white pickguard. For those that have always wanted to take up bass-playing, Fazley serve up a down-right dirt-cheap starter pack including the sleek and versatile Fazley FPB118 electric bass plus a gig bag and comfortable strap. Picking out your amp is an important step because it has a big influence on your bass sound.

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