Funko Pop

We have a wide range of teas to pick you up and restore your balance, whether you want to savour by the mug or indulge in a pot. We work with British and international clients, from start-ups to global leaders. We look for better ways to tell the story of your brand. The right ideas transform the way that you communicate online, in print, and through design. POP Branding Agency works with business owners and marketing teams to define companies, organisations and products. Check out the Marvel and DC Comics Funko ranges for popped versions of their latest big-screen heroes.

A Chase item is a rare variant of a Funko that is different in either very slight or moderate ways – like having a variant cover on a comic. Not all figures are available as chase variants and they are sometimes only released in very limited numbers, making them even rarer and therefore highly coveted by collectors. Chase figures have a special sticker on them and what makes these figures so popular is that they cannot be purchased online. Funko Pop figures are available for almost every franchise imaginable, but what if your favourite character hasn’t been moulded into plastic yet, or you want to see them in a different outfit? You can try customizing a Funko yourself by using the blank DIY POP! Figures that are available directly from Funko Inc. at a cost of around £12 each.

A lot of Funkos are common and you can pick up a brand-new standard figure for less than £15 – or even £5 in the EMP online sale. Exclusive and popular figures are usually available for around £35.00 and super-sized ‘life-size Pops’ have a price tag of over £100. But you can expect to pay a lot more than £100 if you want to add a limited-edition figure to your collection. ‘Funko Flippers’ are people that buy limited edition funko pops at a low price and then ‘flip’ them for a much higher price – often in the thousands.

Their music, an irresistible and poppy hip-hop and dance hybrid, is not to be missed. “Carving successful careers packed full of sing-a-long anthems, these artists have established a fan base that spans generations.” RETRO ‘cheese’ fans are in for a treat as top 90s and early 2000s pop acts are to come to the north-east. Once you Funko Pop, you just can’t stop – and you might not want to when you realise how valuable some figures can become. A rare Holographic Darth Maul was estimated at $6,600 (approx. £4,767) in January 2021.

The project is permanently staffed by Social Work qualified employees who also hold the relevant Practice Education qualification and have the experience to teach and train social workers in training. Worcestershire Children First is committed to providing high quality social work practice and training as this is critical to delivering high quality services to children and young people now and into the future. You can spot special edition Funkos as they are packed in boxes with plastic windows – just like standard – to protect the figures from scratches and other damage. This means that you can still see the figures through the viewing window and at the same time keep your figures in a good condition. But, of course, many people also collect these vinyl figures simply for their own private enjoyment, and it’s up to you whether you want to keep the figures boxed. Funko Pop figures have helped revolutionise collectibles.

S Club Allstars channels the spirit of the original S Club 7, and includes original band members Tina, Brad and Stacey who will perform some of S Club’s venerable hits. During a run of ten UK top 20 singles in a row, tracks Just A Little and Got To Have Your Love became pop classics. Two decades ago, fledgling pop group Liberty X burst onto the scene and in just a few years became UK superstars.

Funko pops are sold in specially designed display boxes, which means that you can see the figures clearly without taking them out of their boxes. If you plan to flip Funkos then ideally the packaging should never be opened, however many collectors will pay a fair price as long as a figure has been kept in a good condition and comes with the original packaging. But even if you don’t plan to sell your Funkos and your collection is just for fun, it is still advisable to keep the packaging. If you’re curious to learn more about how Funko Pop shook up the scene, let’s go back to the beginning. Despite their current popularity, Funko Pop figures weren’t a runaway success.