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I have never been in a position to study a chunk of music so shortly on a piano (however then I’ve all the time played classical on piano). Much music theory is similar no matter what instrument you play, and may be transferred from one instrument to another. The actual execution and approach, nevertheless, tends to be quite completely different, so, apart from some rhythm drills, can’t be transferred. And, yes, weighted keys tend to be more expensive, but simply studying primary observe-studying on piano could be accomplished on a less expensive digital keyboard. The concern over weighted keys shouldn’t play that heavily till you become more advanced and are performing a lot or are planning to deal with intermediate to superior classical materials.

I play piano, and I started learning guitar very lately. I suppose that piano might be simpler to be taught as you already know the fundamentals- timing, notes, expression etc. so it’ll definetly speed up the educational progress. Also, guitar should help finger dexterity which is able to most definetly enhance piano taking part in.

Such playing is also done on guitar…however I’d agree that basic forms of it are in all probability simpler to do on piano for novices. I’d additionally agree that piano generally employs melody and chords, while guitar generally focuses on certainly one of these items at a time. Though I’m a ‘musical’ person, I don’t have any favourite instument specifically. I’d prefer to play the digital piano as a result of it has the beautiful piano sound and the strings, which for me is the perfect mixture.

If you simply need to be taught a number of chords on guitar, maybe to use as accompaniment for singing, it shouldn’t take an excessive amount of time or effort. Wouldn’t it be simpler to go from guitar to piano although? I imply, when finding out music using guitar, as a result of the notes aren’t unfold out linearly like piano it’s troublesome to study. BUT, as a result of it’s not visually unfold out just like the piano, you’ll pretty much practice your ear higher and pretty much pressure your self to review the complexity.

My advice is that you keep on track together with your precept instrument, then practice the other instrument(s) during added follow time. Lastly, just a response to your remark about melody with chords.

  • On all electrical, acoustic and original guitars, the bridge holds the strings in place on the body.
  • Line 6’s hexaphonic-equipped Variax guitars use on-board electronics to model the sound after numerous vintage instruments, and differ pitch on particular person strings.


Also, you possibly can play the rythym with one hand and the melody with the other, while on the guitar it’s either the one or the opposite. I’m afraid I can’t address the problem of your mother’s opposition to your learning guitar. Nevertheless, my common suggestion can be that if anyone is excited about studying a couple of instrument, s/he must be allowed to take action…as long as you handle your time properly.

It’s a great starter guitar that may final him a long time, as long as he takes care of it. Good luck and let me know when you have any extra questions. They make a couple of instruments – the FG800 and FS800 – which might be fantastic first guitars. They are inexpensive, well made and easier to play than most guitars of their worth vary. They have long been a extremely popular acoustic guitar brand, and clearly those that personal certainly one of their guitars assume very extremely of them.

Simran, my basic response is that studying one or two different instruments while persevering with your precept instrument enhances rather than detracts. I’d say the one actual caveat includes budgeting your time. If you narrow into apply with the secondary instrument(s), then your principle instrument might endure.

After you get all those, if you transfer on to piano, it’ll be alot simpler to advance as piano player since this time, the keys are all linearly proven, which we just need to comply with the sample to play. The FG and FS Series each offer reasonably priced, high quality instruments. Some smaller youngsters do higher on small-bodied guitars just like the Yamaha JR2. Of course he would outgrow this by the point he is an adolescent, although it would still be a cool guitar to have around. If you feel he can deal with a full-dimension guitar take a look at something like the FG700S.