General information about learning music online

Music they say heals the soul. It is an art of arranging sound to produce melody, rhythm, harmony and timbre. Music is a soothing remedy for tension, anxiety and depression. Music is also good for entertainment and some forms of exercise, the possibilities are endless. Understanding music and being able to make music is an added advantage.

With the diversity of technology, we would be looking at the possibilities, the pros and cons of learning music online.

Why should I learn Music?

  • it gives a sense of achievement:
  • emotional development
  • fine-tune auditory skills
  • it is relaxing
  • development in creative thinking
  • It helps to develop language and reasoning.

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Benefits of learning music online

  • Learning music online gives you a vast array of music teachers to choose from. You can get the best teachers you wish to have, as the distance is not a barrier.
  • A wider selection of lessons. You get to choose as many lessons as you desire since online lessons would always have what you want
  • You have control over your learning. You get to learn at your own pace.
  • You can record your online music lesson for future use or practice. You can capture valuable footage to use later.
  • Online music lessons are more affordable since there would be no extra expenditure for a venue, transportation etc.
  • Online music classes can easily fit into your schedule or routine.
  • It is a more comfortable form of learning. With an online lesson that allows you to learn from home, you can always find the most comfortable area of your house to learn and you don’t have to dress up for the class.

How to achieve a successful online lesson

  • Set goals

There should be a target for a certain period of time. Be it in getting a particular sequence of keys on your instrument or striking a particular pitch vocally.

  • Use the right device

Ensure that the device used for communicating on the internet is one that can give you the best output.

  • Access to fast and reliable internet. Since some of the classes would be real-time, it is important to have a network that is reliable to prevent lagging and poor sound output.
  • Practice. Set out time during each week to practice and ensure perfection is attained, as we all know, practice makes perfect.

As good as the benefits of online musical lessons, there are also some drawbacks which you’ll also need to consider, these drawbacks are as follows,

  • There is no physical guidance for an online lesson. Considering the young beginners on an instrument, it would be difficult to handle the instrument without a physical guide.
  • There may be a greater likelihood of distraction from family members, pets or other events in the house.
  • Poor Internet access can disrupt the whole lesson. The availability of strong and reliable internet access cannot be over-emphasized as the learning process depends on it.
  • Technology can be a great hindrance if you are not technologically inclined.

In conclusion, with the right mindset, internet and device you can effectively have a successful online music lesson as the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.