How to choose a business idea

It’s one of the best businesses to start because it’s low overhead, hands-off, and scalable. Different organisations provide advice and support in different ways. Many provide one-to-one consultations with an advisor and also telephone advice.

List all the ways your business idea is different to anything else on the market. If your idea is the same, don’t despair – list the ways you can offer it differently, such as better service, faster delivery, better customer service or cheaper pricing. Do you have the capability, skills, experience, contacts and understanding of how your business idea can work in practice? If you can’t, you’ll find it harder to get your business idea off the ground.

Business plan examples

From there, it’s all about sales skills and communication (anything you don’t sell is going home or being sold at cost/or below). Many car boot sale businesses will focus on a particular niche and build up a loyal customer base who come back for items such as cameras, watches or furniture. To get started with a window cleaning business, you’ll need to pick up the basics of cleaning windows and get some standard window cleaning supplies and equipment. Due to the low barriers for entry, the market is competitive for window cleaning, so make sure to get your pricing right and put together a number of standard packages. As a service carpet cleaning is relatively easy to start, there are however higher equipment costs than most previously mentioned small business ideas. You’ll need a range of carpet cleaning machines and chemicals on an ongoing basis (though you can find decent second-hand equipment on Ebay).

  • Or are you serving customers behind a deli counter or from a street food truck?
  • For example, Sara Blakely founded Spanx hosiery because of visible panty lines and being unable to find undergarments that provide a smooth look under white trousers.
  • Now its time to create your social profiles, newsletter templates /captures and put together an ongoing marketing plan to grow and retain your audience through these channels.
  • Easy to use and with no hidden costs – from card readers to POS kits.
  • Despite record demand, trades businesses have experienced problems with rising costs and supply chain issues.

In the entertainment and property industries, security is a necessity to protect assets, people and make sure business continues without interruption. Beyond electronic and digital security systems, there is still a need for security personnel who can respond to dynamic situations and provide a level of security machines cannot. If your passionate about looking after children, then you should consider starting a childcare business looking after other people’s children while they’re at work.


Typically agencies specialise in public relations, recruitment, design, SEO, paid search or web/app development. The key to success in the car wash business is time efficiency, in essence, how quickly can you wash a car and get onto the next customer (as labour/time is your primary cost). In terms of marketing, car washes are all about location – you need to make sure you’re located in a high trafficked area where vehicles stop. To get started, you’ll need the basic equipment and Barista training . You can transport around a stand or even build out a coffee stall from the back of a van.