Largest Collection Of Funko Pop! Figurines

While some are value less, buying a Chase Pop Vinyl in shops is a close to-guarantee that your Pop Vinyl will be extra priceless. The phrase has been used as a retort for perceived resistance to technological change, local weather change denial, marginalization of members of minority teams, or opposition to younger generations’ ideals. As of December 2019[replace], movies tagged with #OkBoomer on TikTok had been seen nearly 2 billion occasions. If you are sufficiently old, you might bear in mind a time when “straight” and “homosexual” (or heterosexual and homosexual) covered all the sexual orientations that received any attention.

This glow-in-the-darkish variant of Freddy Funko dressed as the popular DC villain, Deathstroke, calls for a pretty penny. This ultra-uncommon metallic blue Freddy Funko dressed as one of many flying monkeys from “The Wizard of Oz” can command far more than the Pop Price Guide’s average worth of $2,290. This is among the more well-liked objects on this list, with a lot of Headless Ned Stark Funkos having been bought and sold on eBay. An ultra-rare determine, this Freddy Funko clad in a “Star Wars” clone trooper uniform with blue hair is estimated to fetch a minimum of $2,030.

Chase Pop Vinyls can often be bought by chance at retail, or by pre-ordering. While they retail for normal worth and share the identical SKU, they’re instantly extra priceless, and shoot as much as around the $70 mark the second you walk out of a retailer.

The original mould of Ursula, from The Little Mermaid is likely one of the rarer “plain” Pop Vinyls in the marketplace and might sell from $300 and above. This is because she was tougher to search out at retail and presumably produced in lesser quantities than Disney Princess Ariel, of the identical set. As with Chases, it’s essential to hop online to your local Pop Vinyl value checker and learn the way a lot your bounty is worth. While not every Pop Vinyl you own will be value lots, many older ones might be because the moulds used to make them have been decommissioned — a course of often known as “vaulting”. A Vaulted Pop Vinyl is one that is no longer being made, and is usually (however not always) rarer as a result of it’s no longer being produced.

It’s onerous to find out exactly which characters become rare, so purchasing for the aim of selling on is a tough art, but discovering a Pop Vinyl that’s sitting in your again cabinet is uncommon is a welcome surprise. Make positive to consider this earlier than cleansing out your cabinet and throwing away what could possibly be a veritable goldmine. Older Pop Vinyls can largely be differentiated from their newer rivals by the top shape and total design of characters.

Some Pop Vinyl sets are wildly more popular than others, just like the Dragon Ball Z sets. This is based immediately on fan demand, and varies by how mainstream or niche a franchise is. For instance — the vast majority of the WWE Pop Vinyl collection is effective because it has a fanbase deeply invested in merchandise and toy amassing. If a personality or collection is popular, but not exactly mainstream, there’s a good probability its Pop Vinyl line shall be uncommon.

  • Every day there are new things popping up in popular culture and making individuals go crazy over them.
  • You can pick up the pack of both for round $300-$four hundred if you are decided and search extensively on-line.

The metallic model of Funko’s Big Poppa is enough to hypnotize even the most frugal collectors. Of all of “The Incredibles” Pops, the real hero of the bunch — worth-sensible, a minimum of — is Mr. Incredible’s blue go well with variant. This Freddy Funko variant has an estimated worth of $1,750, however one hopeful Pop shark was making an attempt to hock one for $20,000 on eBay. Surprisingly not all that rare, there have been 480 of those 2012 San Diego Comic-Con exclusives made, but it is highly sought after amongst Pop collectors.

Gay people were usually described as queer (and worse) when the word was still solely a pejorative. They had been straightforward to ‘assemble’ and the Pops fit snugly into place. The Pop Price Guide has this little blue ghost listed for an average price of $three,540, however the last time one offered — at least so far as we can inform — it went for $7,900 in January 2018.

A variety of strange monsters and animals populate Funko’s “Spastik Plastik” line, and it looks just like the metallic T-Bone character is the most expensive. A Pop with a field in good condition is all the time going to be price more than a Pop without a box. Heres a novel concept – purchase pops you actually need and that you know you’ll maintain.


This limited version determine was released in 2011 as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. The costliest “Star Wars” Boba Fett figure is the droids variant (which is price $510), but that has nothing on the Freddy Funko version. While Pop Price Guide lists the common value of aBatman Freddy Funko as $2,640, one in mint condition sold for $6,250 on eBay. A free figure was on sale on eBay for $1,500 whereas one boxed model was in search of a purchaser at close to $3,000. This San Diego Comic-Con exclusive of Freddy Funko as Jaime Lannister from “Game of Thrones” is value more than a handful of money.