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I had just finished teaching my class on the music biz at USC and realized that my class notes were the outline of a book. So after some more research to flesh it out, I sat down and knocked out the first edition. Is more essential than ever for musicians, songwriters, lawyers, agents, promoters, https://chambermusiciantoday.com/ publishers, executives, and managers–anyone trying to navigate the rapid transformation of the industry. Unfortunately there is a further complication, which is most clearly explained by dividing music into practical performance (‘musica practica’) and speculative theory (‘musica speculativa’).

We don’t all love every kind of music, but it’s that specific taste that just comforts or elates us, so much so that many of us would even go as far as saying we couldn’t live without it. In summary, these studies demonstrate that engaging in musical activity can have a positive impact on health and well-being in a variety of ways and in a diverse range of contexts across the lifespan. Comparisons between music and sport are often evidenced in the body of existing Frontiers research literature related to performance and group behaviors. Our new collection contains a contribution to this literature in a study by Habe et al.. The authors investigated elite musicians and top athletes in Slovenia in terms of their perceptions of flow in performance and satisfaction with life. While college academic tutors primarily support your academic development, you can also ask their advice on other things.

Be prepared to justify exactly why you feel these artists are similar, but also leave space to discuss their individual strengths. Interviewing artists for features is my absolute favourite part of the job, but I keenly remember the early career struggle of trying to convince PRs and editors that I had established my voice well enough to be trusted with a musician’s time. A lack of interview access can feel like a bit of a roadblock, but there are still plenty of features that can be pitched to expand your portfolio and command those higher-paid commissions. If you’re looking to get your name out there, here are five ways to write creatively and authoritatively about music, no fancy dictaphone necessary. With the film industry remaining on pause for much of 2021, the focus this time was on “regional, independent and non-film music”, the uptick in the uptake of which helped the industry tide through another difficult 12 months. Not that Factory Records ever published any sleeve notes, of course.

In fact, giving you the overall view turned out to be a much bigger job than I thought when I started. The book is designed to give you a general overview of the music industry. You can read it as casually or intensely as suits your interest level, attention span, and pain tolerance.

Ostensibly the book of Michael Winterbottom’s 2000 film about the rise and fall of Manchester’s most famous label, this spirals into a colourful, idiosyncratic and eloquent autobiography of Wilson, adding many more layers to the tale. Find out more about Tony’s years in crap local TV, his aborted attempt to become a “serious” journalist, his tribulations with bands like A Certain Ratio and The Durutti Column, and the financial car crash that was The Hacienda. “This is not a book about me. I’m a minor character in my own story. This is about the music and the people who made the music.”

Nikol et al. in South East Asia explore the potential physical benefits of synchronous exercise to music, especially in hot and humid conditions. Their randomized cross-over study reports that “time-to-exhaustion” under the synchronous music condition was 2/3 longer compared to the no-music condition for the same participants. In addition, perceived exertion was significantly lower, by an average of 22% during the synchronous condition. Why not have a look at the faculty’srecommended reading listfor prospective students. All colleges offer at least one further year of accommodation and some offer it for the entire duration of your degree. You may choose to take up the option to live in your college for the whole of your time at Oxford, or you might decide to arrange your own accommodation after your first year – perhaps because you want to live with friends from other colleges.

Similarly, Adelle Platon’s 2016 blues-cluesing in advance of Beyonce’s ‘lemonade’ ended up proving itself pretty accurate, with solid referencing throughout. Should you fancy trying out this approach, start with an artist you’re already pretty invested in – you’ll find it much easier to sort the genuine clues from the forum bobbins. His station airs a drive time show six days a week, which https://www.wikipedia.org/ is dedicated to introducing indie music from seven of India’s north-eastern states and across the country to listeners within the region. Mehra said, “People in their fifties, sixties and seventies” who were previously “very apprehensive about adopting digital technology” got “forced to start consuming content on their devices, not just music short format video long format video”.

Compared to the amateur musicians, the college music students evaluated their overall quality of life and general and physical health more negatively, as did females in terms of their psychological health. Somewhat paradoxically, the college students who had taken part in judged performances reported higher psychological health ratings. This may have been because this sub-group were slightly older and more experienced musicians. Such benefits are evidenced across the lifespan, including early childhood (Gerry et al., 2012; Williams et al., 2015; Linnavalli et al., 2018), adolescence (McFerran et al., 2018), and older adulthood . Within these lifespan perspectives, research into music’s contribution to health and well-being provides evidence of physical and psychological impacts (MacDonald et al., 2013; Fancourt and Finn, 2019; van den Elzen et al., 2019). Benefits are also reported in terms of young people’s educational outcomes (Guhn et al., 2019), and successful musical activity can enhance an individual’s sense of social inclusion (Welch et al., 2014) and social cohesion (Elvers et al., 2017).