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Play as You Are is an open invitation to explore a different approach to playing music and a sharing of the author’s experiences. But what if a shift in perspective – and some practical guidance – could overcome that mystery? Anyone wanting to experience more creativity and mindfulness will be inspired to do just that after listening to How to Write One Song. The difference between one song and many songs isn’t a charming semantic trick – it’s an important distinction that can simplify a notoriously confusing art form. The e-learning resources would utilise artists positions as role models to highlight both the effects of racism and the importance of challenging it.

They received support from Spotify’s New Music Friday UK, Sweet Soul Sunday, Spotify and Chill and several others. ‘I Appreciate You’, her most recent single, shows a brighter side to Kianja. She merges Latin, dancehall and R&B influences on a sensual song that is sure to move hips and hearts. Born in North-East London, Kianja was raised on a musical diet of soul, reggae and jazz by her musical parents. In London, she began her obsession with songwriting before moving to Durban, South Africa for three years as a teenager. Embracing a new culture, her love affair with jazz took hold and she began to hone her songwriting craft.

This could be improved by the addition of musical excerpts when certain elements of music are being described as it can be a bit hard to follow without the visual aid of music scores which are included in the book. Want to learn proven strategies that will help you sharpen your fingerstyle-guitar skills, practice more effectively, and silence the inner critic that can sabotage your performances? Playing the guitar requires a blend of intuition, intellect, and emotion, and the path to excellence can be a confusing one. In The Inner Game of Fingerstyle Guitar, master guitarist and worldwide performer Adam Rafferty delivers the information you need. Every culture has music, from the largest society to the smallest tribe.

We are asking for your help to deliver on this programme as without this funding, this project simply won’t be achievable. The sessions are fun and relaxed and sometimes requests can also be taken. You can see some of the artists that regularly perform on the Lock Down Videos project tab on this website. You will find the PDFs and MP3s under eSongbook Resources in the left hand menu of your eSongbook.

Its marvelous range of melodies, themes, and rhythms taps in to something universal. Music is part of our most important rituals, and it has been the medium of some of our greatest works of art. Music production can be an elusive art form for many, and the challenges that face someone who is new to this can easily create overwhelm and lead to complete paralysis. The goal of this book is to cover music production from many different angles in a way that will change your thinking on the subject and build your confidence.

Countless studies have shown that playing an instrument is an excellent way to improve your brainpower and is a truly enjoyable and rewarding activity. This audiobook will look at the history of the harmonica, beginning with its design, construction, and its place in the history of music. The audiobook will help you go from a complete beginner with no knowledge of the instrument or music theory and have you playing chords, melodies, and riffing along to a blues. Using musical examples from Bach to the Beatles, Levitin reveals the role of music in human evolution, shows how our musical preferences begin to form even before we are born and explains why music can offer such an emotional experience.

It’s also jam-packed with inspiring classroom activities, which accompany every song, to get your kids singing, thinking, moving, laughing, expressing themselves and having fun while they learn. With over 20 years experience in the wonderful world of events Love Music can accommodate any aspect of your event. A truly bespoke and passionate approach ensuring your event is THE event. Love music has been set up by award winning industry leaders and we are happy to supply only the very best in live music,singers, pianists, solo sax players, DJ’s and event accessories. Love Music Hate Racism uses the energy and vibrancy of the music scene to promote unity and celebrate diversity through education and events.

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These resources would include engaging videos and materials that teachers across Britain would access to form the basis of workshops to be delivered to their students. Love Music Hate Racism is a not-for-profit anti-racism campaign, which aims to promote unity through the power of music. Our fabulous Marketing Team consists of 4 people, all with hugely varied skills and experience making for a dream team! With a collective love of dogs, Christmas and mulled wine we are all united in our desire to make singing as accessible for primary school children as possible – and we have lots giggles along the way. This is a really lively song all about instruments and the different sounds they make.