Musician Job Before Becoming a Superstar

Musician Job Before Becoming a Superstar

Musician- Being known as a superstar doesn’t mean the musicians below don’t have a concerning past. Various jobs that may be considered ‘low’ by some people started their journey in life, for example as butchers, upholstery craftsmen to goalkeepers.

David Bowie – Butcher

Before becoming a successful singer and composer, at the age of 13, a boy named David Robert Jones worked hard to become a butcher. The goal is clear, the money he collects is used to pay for the saxophone course he does with the famous saxophone player Ronnie Ross. A few years later, the boy became a famous musician known as David Bowie.

Jack White – Upholstery Craft

Jack White had lived a life as a worker who handled household furniture. He then opened his upholstery workshop called Third Man Upholstery with the slogan ‘Your Furniture’s Not Dead’. In his heyday, the founder of The White Stripes opened a record company.

Mick Jagger – Mental Hospital Porter

Who would have thought, Mick Jagger had worked as a porter at the Mental Hospital (RSJ)? The Rolling Stones frontman was also said to have lost his virginity at the hospital with a nurse. Seriously. You can visit this site if you are looking for information about accessories jewelry karendiamonddesigns

Brandon Flowers – Bellboy

The Killers’ vocalist, Brandon Flowers, also had time to taste ‘low class’ jobs when he was younger. Brandon works as a bellboy at the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas, United States.

Keith Richards – Goal Boy

Who would have thought that veteran guitarist Keith Richards spent his childhood working as a goalie or ‘ballboy’? Not on the football field, but Keith pursued his profession as a ballboy on the tennis court at the age of 8-13 years.