Musicians habits before singing

MUSICIANS- Recently, the appearance of Indonesian musicians has rarely been seen due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, recently the government has allowed concerts to be held in the country. However, before they perform in front of their fans, usually the musicians have a special habit before going on stage. They must do this habit before appearing to greet fans.

These unique secrets are owned by each musician in the country, such as the food that must be consumed or the routine activities carried out before a gig. But despite these differences, the goal is the same, namely to present the best performance. For this reason, the following is a review of the special ‘ritual’ performed by Indonesian musicians adapted from various sources.


Singer and wife of actor Hamish Daud, Raisa, also has quite unique rituals and customs. Before greeting fans, Raisa often uses her smartphone to watch videos on YouTube which she often uses as a reference for stage actions. The singer who has a golden voice also often makes magic potions before appearing on stage.
The concoction is a mixture of warm water, lemon, and honey. Raisa believes that drinking the potion will relax her throat so that she can perform optimally in front of the fans. Anyone can try this Raisa potion if they want a better sound.

Chakra Khan

Unlike other musicians, this Cakra Khan ritual and habit will make you frown. The man who was born on February 27, 1992, generally often eats spicy food before going on stage. Cakra Khan believes that eating spicy food will make his throat more flexible.
Another benefit of eating spicy food will also makes him sweat so he feels even more excited when appearing on stage to entertain his fans. Cakra Khan also always consumes lemon water every morning. And have been doing this unique habit for a long time.


The singer of the song Hati Hati di Jalan this one has a unique habit, he often does this habit before going on stage. Apart from being aloof, the guy whose real name is Muhammad Tulus Rusydi has quite a strange habit. Not far from his college major, he often draws before a gig.
Apart from drawing, Tulus also likes to write. This musician has been doing this unique habit for a long time. Maybe Tulus found peace or even self-confidence after carrying out these activities. It doesn’t stop there, after the performance he also has a habit of listening to any song, either backstage or in the car.

Petra Sihombing

Musician Petra Sihombing also has a unique habit before performing. The rituals performed by Petra are almost similar to Tulus. The musician’s habit is to be alone for 15 minutes. Petra also has a habit of drinking water before going on stage.
In addition to being more fit, drinking water will also keep his mood always good. Because, when the mood is good, performing to entertain fans on stage will also feel much more optimal.

Sheryl Sheinafia

As a well-known musician, Shery Sheinafia always performs unique rituals and customs before entertaining fans. The singer who often acts is always doing a lip trill. Lip trill is a vocal training method by vibrating the lips while creating notes from this movement.
The purpose of this method is to prevent musicians from making shrill voices when singing on stage. Even though it’s part of the stage preparation, many of Sheryl’s crew and teammates often feel annoyed, you know. However, this activity is part of a warm-up ritual to produce excellent sound.