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Bass may be discovered in lots of nations around the world and is often thought-about one of the most in style, if not the most popular, freshwater game fish. If Cod is the hen of the sea, then walleye is the rooster of the lakes (and rivers).

However, this species is extra commonly discovered within the hotter waters of the Mediterranean. Many streams, rivers, lakes and ponds could be home to species of freshwater bass, which is what probably makes them a preferred catch for anglers.

You’ll notice there aren’t as many to select from (which is comprehensible). If you ask anyone what is the best-tasting fish to eat, and they’ve had bluefin tuna earlier than, then the reply is going to be bluefin tuna. There’s a cause why the price tag on these are so excessive (but they’re price it). If I had to choose one fish from this … Read More