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Jazz Dance

Superimposing the pentatonic scale over “Giant Steps” just isn’t merely a matter of harmonic simplification, but in addition a sort of “Africanizing” of the piece, which supplies an alternate strategy for soloing. Mark Levine observes that when blended in with more standard “enjoying the modifications”, pentatonic scales provide “construction and a feeling of elevated area.” Levine points out that the V pentatonic scale works for all three chords of the usual II-V-I jazz development. This is a very common development, used in pieces corresponding to Miles Davis’ “Tune Up.” The following instance exhibits the V pentatonic scale over a II-V-I progression. The slashed noteheads indicate the principle beats (not bass notes), where one ordinarily faucets their foot to “maintain time.”

Davis’ ex-bandmate Herbie Hancock also absorbed hip-hop influences within the mid-1990s, releasing the album Dis Is Da Drum in 1994. Accordingly, John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” , with its 26 chords … Read More