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Hard Rock International

The developing style came to be known as “grunge”, a term descriptive of the dirty sound of the music and the unkempt look of most musicians, who actively rebelled in opposition to the over-groomed photographs of different artists. Grunge fused components of hardcore punk and heavy metallic into a single sound, and made heavy use of guitar distortion, fuzz and suggestions.

Many of these bands tended to combine parts of British traditional rock (or British trad rock), significantly the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Small Faces, with American influences, including publish-grunge. This, beside a larger willingness to have interaction with the American press and followers, could have helped some of them in reaching international success.


In 1990, Faith No More broke into the mainstream with their single “Epic”, usually seen as the first really profitable combination of heavy metallic with rap. This paved the way for the success of current bands … Read More