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The Youth Music Network is a place for music leaders, youth employees, academics and project workers to share opinions and experiences, learn from others, make connections, find work and develop their expertise. Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals is a groovy various to the normal music class for young families. The music is progressive, clever, and irresistibly interesting to both children and their dad and mom.

Pam Donkin is an award-profitable kids’s artist on the kids’s record label A Gentle Wind, and has appeared nationally. Her three recordings, Music is Magic, Friendship Stew and A Hop, Skip, and a Jump, inspire every kind of exercise and are good for babies in addition to preK to grade 2 lecture rooms. Her well-liked web site, has free songs and lesson plans available for download!

Original song collections, with influences of rock, the blues, ballads, folk, and pop, uniquely replicate and celebrate the … Read More