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Family Lawyers

For an initial overview, please read our article on who keeps the pets in a divorce. As such in the event of a breakup the care of and access to your pet is likely to be a matter you would like to discuss and we are able to assist with this. Before an appointment, we will require you to complete a short questionnaire, which will set out the background to your case. This means we can familiarise ourselves in advance of the meeting meaning we can make the best use of the time we are talking. Whatever you’re dealing with, our team is on hand 24/7 to find a solution that works for you and your personal needs.

  • Juggling work, a family and a divorce can really takes its toll on people.
  • Whatever you’re dealing with, our team is on hand 24/7 to find a solution that works for you
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Commercial Property Lawyers

B8 is for any kind of storage or distribution facility, but also includes open air storage. “They are a very forward-thinking, responsive, good team who are very hands-on and support us as a business,” notes another interviewee. You’ll work with a team of specialists who seek to achieve the most cost-effective and commercial result for you. Property valuation advice, exit strategies and opportunities to increase value.

Insight & Opinion is our hub for residential, commercial and rural articles and research from experts offering industry-leading advice and analysis. Industrial real estate has seen the largest growth in demand and investment over the pandemic. Investors have remained active in the market with warehouses and storage for e-commerce marking notable areas of growth. Land registration in Scotland has changed and affects all land and buildings across Scotland, irrespective of whether they are public, private, rural or urban. Our lawyers can guide you through … Read More