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The 30 Rarest Funko Pop Figures

The glow-in-the-darkish 2010 San Diego Comic-Con unique has sold for over $2,000. On average, the Pop Price Guide believes it’ll set you back $2,320, although some sellers have looked for rather more. One of these bronze Funkos of Griffey Jr. sold for $3,000.

The estimated value of $2,240 will surely improve, ought to both of the two listings on Pop Prices’ market — one for $3,700 and one other for $four,900 — discover a purchaser. Hopper, the grizzled and grumpy cop from “Stranger Things,” is sort of the rare Funko. The cute little Elvis Presley Funko with his iconic white jumpsuit and cape is worth north of $2,000. The “Toy Story” astronaut determine is 9 inches tall, glows in the dead of night and comes with a miniature figurine of Zurg, his arch-nemesis. If you could have the King in this black-and-metallic gold Funko type, you’ll be able to shake … Read More