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Pop Seattle

Don’t really care in regards to the boxes so long as the figure looks good. It’s humorous as a result of i am going to buy a chunk i like with a jacked up field off of ebay and since the field is messed up i’ll get it for half the price. I keep all my Funkos in there packing containers and neva take them out.

Heck, the box is already covered in eyeprints, it’s worth is decreasing on a regular basis. You can take a Pop out of the field with out damaging the box. Please post Funko subscription field and item discussions in the Powered By Funko part. Fans do not sit at the outskirts of pop culture making snarky feedback.

The metallic version of this figure has a very nice coloring and lots of detail to the genies face and outfit. This figure was released in 2013 … Read More