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Find A Music Group

Youth Music’s research report ‘The Sound of the Next Generation’ found that whilst 30% of young people play an instrument, 67% of young people make music, which includes singing, rapping, DJing, making music on a computer, karaoke, and writing music. This week Sam Bonham and Richard Pitt at BBC Introducing in the West bring you love letters to https://www.wikipedia.org/ians. Sam and Richard also invite West Country romantic Sam Evans in session to record three tracks. Plus BBC Introducing picks up the phone and gives Radio 1 favourite, Ted Zed, a cold call. Like all music fans, how we interact and consume our favourite music is different today than it was a few months ago, but through social media and live stream opportunities, we can help keep the music industry alive. One of the aims of Tri-Music together project was to create resources to support early years music and to … Read More