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Tonight, let’s SimplyCook! Cook Incredible Meals from Scratch

We meet Franz Schinagl, chef at Bodo’s Scholss and half of the acclaimed Austrian duo from Speck Mobile. Franz talked about bringing traditional Austrian recipes to life and showed us some typical dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel and Spätzle. Red Velvet Cake hails originally from the Southern States. Ideal as a lunch, light dinner or a starter, this Chicken Caesar Salad is perfect for warm summer days.

A delightfully savoury tart which perfectly marries leek with rich gruyere flavours. Whether you are organised enough to make your own pastry and mincemeat or use ready-made, these bite-sized morsels are perfect with a cup of coffee. A delicious and rich vegetarian recipe for Mushroom, Chestnut and Artichoke Ragout.

Here’s how to skip the queues but still enjoy a Spanish feast as he shows us how to make one of his favourite dishes. Summer holidays are in full swing so John’s whipping up … Read More