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Vintage Guitars

They sit low on the knee, have a beautiful tone, and are very accessible and playable guitars. A guitarlele (additionally sometimes called a kiku) appears a bit like a ukulele at first glance, however it’s slightly larger and has six strings. Ukes are perfect for individuals who find normal guitars a bit too big eg.

The “plectrum guitar” is a close 4 stringed relative of the tenor guitar with an extended scale length of 26 to 27 inches (sixty six to sixty nine cm) and tunings usually based mostly on the plectrum banjo – CGBD or DGBD. Plectrum guitars are also very suitable for guitar tuning–DGBE–because of their longer scale size but are much much less appropriate for CGDA tuning due to the high A string. Plectrum guitars were not made in as large numbers as tenor guitars and at the moment are rarer. With guitars, it’s certainly more to … Read More