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Issue 39 of Mega Man discovered Bass mocking Rush as a robotic dog compared to Treble, just for them both to be mocked by Sigma displaying off Velguarder. In Issue 44 he responded to Dubstep Man’s menace to “Drop the Bass!” by blasting his head off.

In Sonic Universe Issue 51’s strip, he was featured as a “Failed Concept” the place Wily modified him with Sonic’s bio-information, altering Bass’ appearance to own elements of Sonic’s. He additionally appeared within the Short Circuits strip for Mega Man Issue 26, where he found a kindred spirit in E-123 Omega. It was deliberate for Bass to fuse with Metal Sonic throughout Worlds Collide as he does with Treble, but the concept was rejected. The cut concept, nevertheless, was given a quick allusion in the Sonic Universe Issue 54’s Off Panel section, the place Mega Man expressed confusion about Bass and Metal Sonic’s staff up being a band.


Despite not appearing in Worlds Unite, he was included in Sonic Universe 77’s Off Panel, where he was considered one of several Mega Man and Sonic characters crushed collectively into a tight area. During the Worlds Collide crossover, Bass was featured in numerous Off Panels from the Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe sequence.

Bass is presented as an especially smug, unhealthy-tempered, egotistical, rebellious, fiercely unbiased and conceited individual who believes that he’s the strongest above all else. Bass could be very prideful and thinks quite extremely of himself, labeling everyone else round him as inferior “junk robots”. Bass looks down on them, believing himself to be superior to them in every means, shape, and form. In the story “Power Battle” Bass takes Roll hostage to make Mega Man fight him. When Bass noticed Proto Man’s strength, he tried to fight him, but Proto Man left the realm to avoid Dr. Light’s six robots being harmed.

Bass has made a number of appearances within the Short Circuits strips in the comic, making his first appearance in Issue 4. Here he was seen with Treble, Bass, Proto Man, and Rush, all with their faces towards a window as Mega Man and Dr. Light walked by, demanding to be featured in the comic.

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In Mega Man eight, Bass gained many new talents because of the fact that he used one of the Evil Energy capsules. He can fly as long as he needs, as well as with the ability to fire highly effective laser beams. His tremendous kind with Treble additionally had a design change, although it’s unknown whether or not or not this was due to the Evil Energy, or if the artists merely decided to revamp him that means (as they’ve also accomplished with Roll). Despite being extremely highly effective, Bass’ faults that normally result in his downfall are his vanity and overconfidence. According to Proto Man, it’s as a result of he has “nothing to fight for”.

Some days later, Bass attacked Mega Man in the amusement park the place the eight robots from Mega Man 5 have been working to get cash, and is defeated by their mixed efforts and Proto Man. When designing Bass, Dr. Wily carefully filtered through all the data he had ever collected on Mega Man. Based on the knowledge he had gathered via his many battles against Mega Man, Dr. Wily created Bass with skills and a Weapon Copy System that surpassed those of Mega Man’s. Dr. Wily designed Bass to be a similar mannequin to Mega Man to indicate off the concept he may make a robotic like Dr. Light’s, solely higher. Unfortunately for Dr. Wily, despite turning out to be every little thing he had wished for so far as abilities were concerned, Bass additionally developed a strong sense of delight and isn’t prepared to obey Dr. Wily’s instructions.

Dr. Light additionally talked about Bass as being an instance of another occasion when Dr. Wily had “complete management” and Mega Man had to save him from himself in Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 250. Prior to the crossover, he was talked about in Sonic Universe #50 by Doctor Eggman telling Metal Sonic that he was going to be working with a companion who is a “base villain”. The two worked together nicely, and Bass even volunteered himself and Metal Sonic to kidnap Dr. Light because of his interference within the evil medical doctors’ plans. The two also pursued Rouge the Bat when she sabotaged the Wily Egg, and managed to catch her despite the distraction brought on by the discharge of the Chaos Devil.

After hearing Eggman order Metal Sonic to take her to turn out to be one other of the Roboticized Masters, Bass sneered on the thought and proclaimed his personal superiority, solely to have Wily order him to assist Metal Sonic. Bass appeared in Issue 24 working with Dr. Eggman’s robot, Metal Sonic.

In Issue 18 he anticipated being included in the comedian after it had managed to reach a yr’s price of issues, only to learn that the Mega Man 2 storyline had just barely been accomplished. To his dismay, he discovered himself in a ready room with Proto Man, Enker, and either Quint or Rockman Shadow.