The 30 Rarest Funko Pop Figures

The glow-in-the-darkish 2010 San Diego Comic-Con unique has sold for over $2,000. On average, the Pop Price Guide believes it’ll set you back $2,320, although some sellers have looked for rather more. One of these bronze Funkos of Griffey Jr. sold for $3,000.

The estimated value of $2,240 will surely improve, ought to both of the two listings on Pop Prices’ market — one for $3,700 and one other for $four,900 — discover a purchaser. Hopper, the grizzled and grumpy cop from “Stranger Things,” is sort of the rare Funko. The cute little Elvis Presley Funko with his iconic white jumpsuit and cape is worth north of $2,000. The “Toy Story” astronaut determine is 9 inches tall, glows in the dead of night and comes with a miniature figurine of Zurg, his arch-nemesis. If you could have the King in this black-and-metallic gold Funko type, you’ll be able to shake rattle and roll to eBay for a decent sum.

Neither will we, however this Freddy Funko from the “Dark Knight” universe is extraordinarily uncommon. Only 24 had been made from this 2014 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, and so they’re exhausting to search out.

The glow-in-the-darkish model of this Funko is essentially the most coveted, however the regular Alex also will get you a fairly penny. This Funko relies on Kubrick’s vision for Alex DeLarge, the frightening youth clad in white with an affinity for ultraviolence. This one is a 2013 San Diego Comic-Con unique, and its highest eBay listing was for $6,000 in late 2018. This metallic model of Freddy Funko as Buzz Lightyear from Pixar’s “Toy Story” offered for $5,seven hundred and $6,500.

This restricted version chase variant of Jimi Hendrix with a purple bandanna has been steadily increasing in price since 2014, when some folks made the mistake of promoting their metallic Hendrix for as low as $a hundred and fifty. The common version of the caped crusader is extremely frequent and sells for its $5 retail price, however the Batman with Freddy Funko’s golden contact sells for a lot higher. Freddy Funko is the Funko company’s mascot, and Funko incessantly releases Freddy Funko variants, where Freddy is mashed with another character. This little Saiyan is coveted by Funko and “Dragon Ball Z” collectors alike. It turns out that Vegeta, a fan favourite from “Dragon Ball Z,” additionally has a really high energy ranking within the Funko universe.

  • This Funko Pop determine that features one of many primary characters, Mr. Incredible, in his authentic tremendous suit is one of the rarest out there.
  • If you might be an avid collector of Funko Pop Figures, then this little man may look a bit familiar.
  • There had been solely 240 of these made they usually go for an upwards of $1,670 these days on the internet.


And additionally pray it will increase in worth, but a minimum of you’ll have someplace to sleep. The autographed chrome and gold metallic versions of superhero Lee are good examples of this. Sellers were making an attempt to hock the figures for $a hundred,000 to $a hundred and twenty,000 on eBay. A single signed metallic version was going for $18,000 whereas the regular, unsigned gold version sells for about $a hundred and fifty five.

Everyone’s favourite motorbike using demon from hell has been given the Freddy Funko therapy. Funko turned that lovable Frankenstein-esque cereal mascot into a Freddy Funko, and it has proven to be quite coveted.

Buzz Lightyear once once more takes a spot on this listing of most costly Funkos. An extremely-uncommon member of Funko’s “Ad Icons” run, the Glow-in-the-Dark Boo Berry might be a top 10 grail. This uncommon metallic Tony Stark Freddy Funko averages for $3,500.