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I always try to buy the latest edition of this book, because it clearly explains legal and financial aspects of the music industry in an easy, accessible way. There’s so much more info in this edition about how the internet has affected the music industry. The importance of music in Milton’s poetry comes as no surprise when we consider the home in which the young poet grew up. His father had been a chorister at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford, and although he did not become a professional musician, he continued to perform and compose music throughout his life. The older Milton was one of the foremost amateur musicians of his day, and his music appeared in print alongside many of England’s finest composers, including William Byrd, John Dowland and John Bull. He even contributed the words and music of ‘Fair Orian’ to Thomas Morley’s collection of madrigals in honour of Queen Elizabeth, The Triumphs of Oriana .

Every activity is tailored specifically to the individual child, maintaining focus on what they can do, rather than any limitations they may experience. Our music therapist will always try to follow the child’s lead as much as possible, offering them autonomy and a sense of control. Special attention is given to the development of self-esteem, expression, and creativity while interacting musically with others. Nursery Rhymes and Songs are a special kind of folk poems and songs. When children are still very young, their parents and family members sing nursery rhymes to them, and later such rhymes are among the first songs which children learn to sing. There is quite a wide variety of such songs, often telling a little story and including imaginative ideas, and often peppered with old-fashioned or nonsense words.

Following on from our Film Music History and the article on “What is Music”, we take a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the obvious Film Music Cliches which we all recognise. While we understand that these cliches can be thought of as a useful shortcut to achieve an effect, we also recognise that the skilled composer who is able to avoid them can be seen as original and different. And, in his quest to find an answer, encounters a number of prejudices which mean that film music has so far often been dismissed in academic circles in favour of the frequently unfathonable realm of “new music”. In Rescoring Scarface Laura Thomas volunteers as music supervisor for “Scarface”.

These examples briefly illustrate the ways in which the ideas of harmonia mundi became a rich source for Milton’s poetic imagination, but they are by no means exhaustive. These concepts re-emerge, for example, in Milton’s description of the ‘cosmic dance’ of the planets and the angels in Book V (620-24), or the account of Creation in Book VII, accompanied throughout by angelic music. Considering Milton’s blindness and his dependence upon hearing in later life, ideas of music might also be relevant to a discussion of the aural qualities of his verse. Musical discourse enriches Milton’s writing, and can be a productive approach to reading his poetry. As a new writer, you’ll likely be asked to show your chops on a few album or live reviews. As a general rule, and unless an album review is due to be published in serious advance of the album actually being out, articles that focus strictly on what the music sounds like are often quite dull.

Lots of other college staff including welfare officers help students settle in and are available to offer guidance on practical or health matters. Current students also actively support students in earlier years, sometimes as part of a college ‘family’ or as peer supporters trained by the University’s Counselling Service. At Oxford, everyone is a member of a college as well as their subject department and the University. Students therefore have both the benefits of belonging to a large, renowned institution and to a small and friendly academic community.