The Dominant Trend in Music Video Grading Today Is No Trend at All

There’s a couple of routines to Nicki’s Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape track going viral on TikTok but the main routine seems to have been created by @konnorkelly. Charli D’Amelio shared the dance with her fans in June 2021 and it’s only getting bigger. Bo Burnham’s Netflix special Inside has spawned a number of viral trends on TikTok.

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, known as DJ Cuppy, is a musician and entrepreneur. Born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1992, Cuppy’s musical endeavours began at a young age and she was already producing her own tracks and DJing around the world whilst completing her bachelor’s in Economics at King’s. One artist that would be seen lower on the iceberg would be an artist such as Banks, as not many people know her music compared to Swift’s. SPOTIFY users have found a new way to categorize their music taste with Icebergify. The earliest version of the dance was posted by @livgrayland69 with multiple videos going massively viral shortly after using the same choreo. The Buss It Challenge started taking off in January 2021 although it’s not known who actually started the trend.

Not being tethered to any one genre, and therefore any one aesthetic like in the days of MTV (pop-y and bright) and Kerrang , artists are free to use any visual influences and references they please. Doja’s Planet Her track ‘Woman’ has now gone viral on the app thanks to a dance routine created by @tracy.oj back in July. The original dance video has over 23.7 million likes and 151 million views. A number of independently-released tracks hit important milestones in terms of audio streams. Songs by Bugzy Malone, Joel Adams, Skepta and Bon Iver all passed the 50 million mark in 2021, with Two Door Cinema Club among those seeing individual tracks exceed 100 million plays. Over 40 tracks on independent labels were streamed over 20 million times in 2021 alone, including Shouse’s Love Tonight, SR’s Welcome To Brixton, Lord Huron’s The Night We Met and Jubel ft Neimy’s Dancing In The Moonlight.

The music tool collects data from users’ short-term, medium-term, and long-term listening trends. This dance, created by @zoebaptistee, has been replicated thousands of times and is already proving popular on the FYP. This summer vibes routine was created by UK dancer @nathanramsayy who has garnered thousands of views across his videos of the dance on TikTok. Nathan even posted a slowed-down tutorial so fans can learn the routine. Eventbrite is a global ticketing and event technology platform, powering millions of live experiences each year. Arctic Monkeys’ AM, their 2013-released fifth album, was the top-performing indie album of 2021.

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The purpose-built venue at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London features a digital recreation of the legendary band as they appeared in the early ‘80s, while a live band performs a setlist of their iconic hits. There’s also Stats for Spotify, which gives you a detailed, data-based view of your favourite songs, albums, artists and genres. It generates a pie chart graphic of all your favourite genres and artists from the last month which can be easily shared on social media. Of course, there is also the theory that musical trends are cyclical. All musicians are influenced by the artists they grew up listening to, so there will forever be elements of the past in the future. Just because artists like Madonna and David Bowie did it first, that doesn’t mean that learning from their pioneering efforts won’t improve music that is still yet to come.

  • “A 4-5 piece band costs anywhere from £1,500-£1,800. For bands with more extensive lineups and additional singers, you can pay anything within the region of £2,500-£6,000,” the music pro explained.
  • Other TikTokers are putting themselves on top of it, and rocking in sync with the group alongside their own on-screen meme caption.
  • Each of the Top-10 sold over 60,000 copies in 2021 and all six newly-released albums made the weekly Top 5, with three going to No.1.
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  • Full-time musician Álvaro explains that “making the right song at the right moment” is key, and believes that Bardcore offers absolute escapism.
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LUNA – Since her first release in 2017, LUNA has carved herself out a niche with her mix of ‘trap sounds, political statements and poetry all wrapped up in powerful forces of energy’. Icebergfiy was created by Akshay Raj, per the websites about page. The Icebergify tool can be accessed by visiting the tool’s official website. With Icebergify, Spotify Users are comparing their music tastes with one another. This Ariana and Nelly Furtado mashup is getting the viral dance treatment thanks to the iconic ‘tornado arm’ move from @samobam0. TikTok users are using Taylor’s evermore masterpiece to present their personal conspiracy theories about certain celebrities or fictional characters they think might have “done it”.

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Check out a case study of our work here and get in touch with us today. NFTs also give musicians the opportunity to break creative boundaries. They provide greater creative ownership over their ‘brand’ through creating pieces of art that can incorporate their music.

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“With the pandemic, the world has been forced to embrace technology and explore how we interact… We all remember those lockdown Zoom quizzes. Embrace technology available nowadays, whether that’s leaning into immersive and tech or, if you don’t have the budget, streaming your event can provide huge reach and create hype and buzz for future editions”. Adopting streamlined entry requirements also shows you are ready to welcome back guests in a careful and considered way. Making ticket purchases and admissions as easy as possible, from digital tickets to scheduled entry times is a key way to keep your guests safe.

The tool collects data from users’ Spotify app using an image of an iceberg to illustrate the diversity or lack thereof in music. This routine was created by @jikamanu and @junior_jmss back in May, and the trend has picked up over June and July with over 100k videos attached to the original sound used in the original video. People are using this bop over videos of their celebrity crushes, or with captions referring to certain groups of men and women that really do it for them.