Vinilos music breaking 34 years record by trending during the pandemic

Covid-19 has hit everyone badly, particularly, music artists who postponed their album release, promotional tours and concerts to prevent the disease spread. Amidst the pandemic, the vinyl record took flight and surpassed CD sales breaking a 34 years record.

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Evolution of music listening devices 

With time, listening to music has evolved. In 1877, the first sound was recorded and captured on phonograph by Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison recited the nursery rhyme song, “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.

Ten years later, Emile Berliner invented flat disc devices for recording and playing of the sound. Then, technology changed swiftly, and we had cassette tapes, CDs, DVS, MP3 players. Today, smartphones have taken over as it can be easily used for listening to music.

Vinilos music

Vinilos music is romantic and makes you feel every bit of its emotion. The opening of the album jacket, closely examining the liner notes is so satisfying and enjoyable. It helps us to develop a connection with the artwork that depicts the true meaning of life. The digital files can never replace vinilos music.

Vinyl records

Although cell phones and tablets are preferred choice of music lovers, vinyl records are a unique way of understanding the music soul. The old vinyl records lying in your storage box will now be worth of thousand dollars.

Without doubt, the technology that we have today will be replaced in future to meet new challenges and demands of the coming generation. But, there is something about physical vinyl records. Although they were closer to extinction, suddenly they revived again.

The revival of vinyl records

During social distancing and lockdown days, people staying indoor adopted this classical listening approach to music. In the past, having a record player was considered a luxury, but now an average person can afford this analogue recorder.

How to play a vinyl record

Listening to vinilos music is a work on its own. For playing a vinyl record, you have to first remove it from the sleeve, open the record player, place the vinyl record carefully and adjust the stylus. After switching on the record player, wait until the crackle warms up, then you can listen to the music.

Vinyl records breaking digital records

Today, vinyl records are breaking the records. Vinyl records generated $232.1 million in revenue during the initial six months of 2020, according to a report of “The Recording Industry Association of America“. On the other hand, CDs were sold only for $129.9 million. The surpassing of vinyl records sales over CDs happened for the first time after 1986.

So, in a nutshell, vinilos music is bound to stay here, and technological advancement will never ripe off its significance. Though 85{96b61ed0a0c90e76df4faeaf2cd86b95b438c0729e86457b48f82841208d11d8} of people stream music and less than 6{96b61ed0a0c90e76df4faeaf2cd86b95b438c0729e86457b48f82841208d11d8} of people download it, and even fewer people physical buy CDs and tapes, the beauty of vinyl records will never fade away.